• What is Visual Bank?

    Your photo library management tool

    Take control of your visual assets, a cost effective, easy to use, online tool, proven to work for managing hundreds to hundreds of thousands of images. Centralising and storing all your imagery in a secure service that allows instant use and is fully backed up.

  • Fully Searchable

    Find images and files easily

    Everything in your Visual Bank Digital Asset Management Photo Library can have metadata added (descriptions, keywords, copyright) which makes it easy to search and find files. All files are stored in folders, which makes navigation quick – even a new user can find files very quickly.

    Visual Bank is Easily Searchable
  • Access anywhere

    Connecting your Visual Assets

    Laptop, desktop, iPad®, iPhone®, Blackberry, Android… Providing you have an internet connection and an up-to-date web browser you can access your media library. Perfect for dealing with those urgent requests wherever you may be!

  • Ease of Use

    Resizing, cropping, file size, DPI

    Designed to be user friendly and require minimal training. Visual Bank Digital Asset Management allows you to easily send large high resolution files or crop and resize images exactly to requirements.

  • All Sizes

    Working with clients of all sizes

    Our Visual Bank Digital Asset Management service designed to work for businesses of all different sizes, scaleable from 10 – 250,000+ images. Build your own Photo Library or use our managed service and we can help set you up.

    Visual Bank is for any size client
  • Browser Based

    Works on your normal web browser

    Our Visual Bank Digital Asset Management service requires no special software and puts our powerful image searching, resizing, cropping and downloading services into your normal everyday up-to-date web browser.

    Visual Bank is Browser Based
  • Safe & Secure

    Fully Backed-up and Encrypted

    Everything on your Visual Bank Digital Asset Management Photo Library is backed up, not once, not twice, but three times. We take security and backup seriously. All access to your corporate library is encrypted, every user needs their own login details and you can control exactly what can and can’t be seen.

    Visual Bank is Safe and Secure

Why Choose Us


Managed Services

We manage all of the Digital Asset Management servers and Photo Library technology leaving you to get on with what you do best. Too busy to handle the data? We offer a fully managed service; media files are received directly from your photographer, graphic designer or other media creative, checked, catalogued and uploaded to Visual Bank ready for you to use.


All Graphics + Files

Our system is designed with the capability to store and share all of your pictures and files. A central resource for your logos, photography, graphics, PDFs – in any format, EPS, JPG, TIFF…


Secure + Files

You want your precious Photo Library content to be secure from loss or misuse.
Every Visual Bank Digital Asset Management user requires authentication, key actions are logged and linked to users’ accounts. Every image, file, email, download is backed up every hour of every day.



Easily find images and files in your Photo Library which are properly catalogued. Find by folder or search by description. See hundreds of search results on one page without constant page clicking.


Cloud Storage

Visual Bank Digital Asset Management is a completely hosted service using “cloud” storage, which allows us to provide our clients with virtually unlimited photo library storage. You can use as much or as little as you want without worrying about running out of space.



Visual Bank Digital Asset Management is accessible from anywhere you can connect to the internet. A desktop PC, laptop, iPad®, iPhone®, smartphone; any device with an up-to-date browser will allow you to serach, manage and distribute your media from your photo library.