Ease of Use

Accessible 24/7 Anytime Anywhere

Laptop, desktop, iPad®, iPhone®, Blackberry, Android… Providing you have an internet connection and a web browser you can access your assets. Ideal if you are on location and have an urgent image to send somewhere for a PR opportunity!

Powerful / Fast

Dedicated servers just to handle storing, sending, sizing and searching your images. You can resize a batch of 20 images in seconds on Visual Bank!

No Specialist Software

Entirely browser based, you can drag and drop to upload files, resize, crop, move, delete all from within your standard web browser.

Folder Structure

Why reinvent the wheel? Visual Bank uses a simple folder system just like your desktop PC, making images easy to find. You can change and move files around – file them as you wish.

Save Time

Save hours looking for images on different discs, different networks, different computers, it is really easy to just login, find and send.

No bounced emails

Just send a link to the recipient and they can click and collect immediately, anywhere.

No Hold ups

No more missed PR opportunities in the press because you couldn’t get photogtraphs out on time – or worse your photographer is away and you can’t even get to see your own pictures. Having all your images in your own Visual Bank does away with all of this.

Better than file sharing services

No more out of date links, endless uploading or inability to resize images. Visual Bank does all these things routinely.

FTP Replacement

FTP is old school. Visual Bank is faster, easier, and far more practical. You can see what you are downloading, anybody can use it – no special software required!