“I have worked with the Visual Bank team for a number of years now and would not hesitate in recommending the highly effective and unique visual bank system to any business seeking to improve efficiency and image sharing/filing technology.

Visual Bank provides a first class level of customer service, I find the system highly intuitive and a fantastic way of sharing our photographic assets with key partners and suppliers. Having a well managed and catalogued photo library saves us countless hours searching for images – we can login from anywhere and send large files with just a few clicks.

We also have peace of mind knowing our entire photo history is kept securely, in safe hands and fully backed up.”

Mark Davis. Head of Marketing.

Berkeley Homes

“Having used Visual Bank for a number of years, I can honestly say the customer service is first class – the client always comes first and they will go out of their way to assist.  Using Visual Bank saves much needed disk space, we don’t have to search through endless files for the right image and it enables us to send hi-res images with ease.”
Anna Martin. Head of Marketing.
Berkeley Homes (Urban Renaissance) Ltd

Lend Lease

“I had worked with Visual Bank in my previous role with Berkeley Homes (East Thames), and when I joined Lend Lease and had been informed that they also would like an image library, it was an obvious choice to contact Visual Bank. They have the equipment, expertise, and affordability we were looking for to tackle this project of hosting, tagging and backing up 17,000 images of East Village in Stratford. Halfway through this endeavor, we knew we made the right decision in choosing Visual Bank. They had taken what seemed to be a monumental task and streamlined it into an efficient, effective process. Their professionalism, reliability, and dedication is evident in all of the work they have done for our marketing department.”
Karen Mensah. Marketing & Communications Co Ordinator – Development.
Lend Lease

Millgate Homes

“I worked with the Visual Bank team to migrate our old photo library to their system. They handled everything quickly, efficiently and sorted out any technical problems along the way. We now use Visual Bank on a daily basis and the ability for us to crop images to exact pixel sizes for our CMS saves us hours and makes our lives easier! We no longer have to wait hours for images to upload to a file sending service – sharing images now only takes a few clicks.
We are happy to use Visual Bank in the knowledge that all our images are safely stored online and backed up all the time. I highly recommend them to anyone who has images to store and share.”
Sukvinder Bhamra. Sales & Marketing Executive.
Millgate Developments Ltd

St George

“Using Visual Bank saves us so much time by having all our images in one easily accessible place. I can instantly share links to large files and always deliver images where I need them on time. Visual Bank staff are always on hand to help with any problems and provide excellent support. I highly recommend their service.”
Vanessa Bianconi . Marketing Manager.
St George South London Limited

Exclusive Hotels

“We have been working with the team at Visual Bank for a couple of years now. They are consummate professionals and the best custodians of our valuable imagery library we could hope for. Aside of those qualities they are also exceptionally helpful and accommodating and great to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”
Sarah Hitching. Group Marketing Manager.
Exclusive Hotels